3D scanning spray

3D scanning spray is a special tool to eliminate glare and generally improve the quality of non-contact scanning of 3D objects. Glare from smooth, mirrored or shiny parts distorts 3D scanning. This leads to poor quality 3D models. Complex shapes, curves, shallow recesses and shadows – all these are very difficult to take into account in conventional scanning due to the peculiarities of technology. Using a spray solves that problem. It also reduces the number of iterations, which significantly speeds up the 3D scanning process.

Why do you need the spray?

The spray creates a thin anti-reflective film on any material that is difficult to scan (glass, metal). Using the spray is especially important when scanning objects with high detail. Where complex product shapes make it difficult to build a mathematical model.

Advantages of the spray

  • Environmentally friendly: the composition is non-toxic; it contains no acetone and other aggressive substances.
  • Efficacy: increases efficiency of scanning even the smoothest, glossiest surfaces.
  • Practical: residual spray can easily be removed after scanning without damaging the product.


Matting spray is used for:

  • For the manufacture of optical instruments,
  • Automobile industry,
  • In medicine: Matting spray is used in x-rays and radiography to prevent glare in the scans.
  • The spray is also used in dentistry.
  • In construction: the film from the spray acts as a self adhesive film when examining surfaces with thermal imagers and pyrometers.
  • Photography: the layer that forms the spray allows you to eliminate “hot spots” when taking pictures of various reflective surfaces – mirrors, glass, metal surfaces.

After the work with the product is done, the spray is easily removed with water or a soapy solution of warm water. So you can use it safely in a variety of situations and avoid the risk of causing some damage to the object you will be scanning. A spray of this type would be a great solution to get a clear picture after scanning.

Because black and glossy surfaces do not always show up correctly in laser and 3D scanning, it is necessary to use Spray. Spray – a tool to form a thin white uniform fine layer to suppress glare on the scanned surface, is used to optimize laser scanning in 3D modeling, fabrication of dentures. The spray is designed to apply a thin fine-dispersed layer to eliminate glare during 3D scanning. This spray allows you to improve the quality of scanning even small objects, noticeably improving the quality of the resulting model.

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