Large scale 3D printing: top 5 innovative applications

3D printing devices (3D printers) can be different, and so do their applications. What all devices have in common is their purpose. 3D printers are needed to reproduce a digital 3D model in volume, i.e. to obtain a real, touchable product. The process of reproduction, also called 3D printing, has become popular relatively recently, but it has already gained popularity in industry and at home. In this article we will talk about large scale 3D printing: top 5 innovative applications. If you have already read the information articles, but the scope of 3D printers is still unclear for you, this is where you will get the necessary information.

The possibilities of 3D printers

If you think globally – the possibilities of 3D printers are almost limitless. Theoretically, such a device is able to reproduce objects from almost any material: plastic, metal, clay, plaster, liquid, cement, living cells, chocolate, dough, etc. Its prospects in medicine are truly impressive, and 3D printing of food is slowly gaining momentum. Even the international space station has its own 3D printer! And the first settlement on the moon or Mars is planned with a giant 3D printing device.

And this is just the beginning of the journey of 3D technology. What will happen next? We can only guess. Imagine what happens when you combine 3D printing with, say, 3D scanning and other innovative technologies. It is possible that in the future, additive manufacturing (another name for 3D printing) will displace other industrial methods.

What could be the scope of 3D printers

Surely you have already understood from the previous section that the scope of 3D printers has no clear boundaries. It is an extremely broad field that covers an incredible number of tasks. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Aerospace industry;
  2. Mechanical engineering;
  3. Prototyping;
  4. Modeling;
  5. Creating props for movies and much more.

As for the more real-world use of 3D printers, there are many applications for such useful devices in everyday life. Each of them is described in detail in the subsections of this page. We also recommend that you pay attention to our company’s services – 3D scanning, prototyping, design, small batch production, etc. And don’t forget to check out our online store! There are always best and most actual prices on 3D pens, 3D plastics and many other things.

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