Wireless 3d scanner

3D scanning is the creation of a virtual surface copy of a part. A 3D scanner is an optical measuring device. The technology of 3D-scanning is the same – a mask (template) is thrown on the surface of the object. According to the curvature of the mask on the surface, the software determines its geometry. Figuratively, there are two options for 3D scanning: using structured light (the mask is thrown by the projector) and using a laser. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Structured light itself is more accurate, but there are limitations to the color of the surface. Black or shiny objects are difficult to scan with it. In laser 3D scanning, you can work on any surface with any texture, but the accuracy is inferior to that of structured light. The result of the Wireless 3d scanner is either a cloud of dots, or a polygonal model.

The main tasks of 3D scanning 

  • Reverse engineering – this is the possibility of creating a solid 3D model of the product for its further production.
  • Optical control is a comparison with a measurement standard (mathematical model). The equipment in question is metrological. It has the necessary European certificates confirming the accuracy declared by the manufacturers of 3D scanners and verified in the laboratory. The equipment is now being certified to have a Russian registration number. It is expected that ScanTech scanners will soon be added to the Russian register of measuring instruments.
  • Visualization – is the ability to quickly transfer the appearance of an object into a digital environment.
  • Archiving is the ability to save the geometry of an object for further analysis when the need arises.

Fields of application of wireless model:

  • Visualization. Scanning of objects in color. Suitable for museums, architectural offices and educational institutions.
  • Reverse engineering. Accurate enough for reverse engineering tasks. Suitable for design offices and repair shops.
  • Scans in unprepared places. Built-in controller and rechargeable battery. Metallurgical plants, factories.

The 3D scanner is a sure way to get a high quality digital model of an object without any extra effort. Where manual 3D modeling is not an option, a 3D scanner can help. 3D scanners allow you to get ultra-precise digital data about a physical object to build a 3D model.

Powerful hardware makes the wireless scanner a fully autonomous 3D scanner. Its built-in battery can be used for several hours; the computer processes the data and saves them on an SSD-drive. A Wi-Fi module helps transfer finished projects to a PC for further processing. So buying this type of scanner can be a good solution for any business or even for the private needs of the buyer.

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